Friday, 3 February 2012

Welcome to Silimalombu!

Hi, I am Ratna. Right now I am seeding trees up in the mountain where our river comes from. We hope the forest will improve the quality of our drinking water. In the background you see Lake Toba and our small village right on the beach.
Every day in the morning I go to the lake for fishing. The fish is called Tilapia and it is about 1 kg. We give it to the fishtrader to sell it on the market. This is our main income.

This is my village Silimalombu. We are 30 people in 10 houses. Around our village there are about 250 people.

In the morning, after fishing, I work as a teacher. After the school I beginn with work on my farm.

Here we ar planting new trees to get good wood from our forest. This is hard work, then first you have to clean the ground from many bushes, then you have to care for the young trees for many years.

Have a nice day! 
See you soon -- Ratna