Adopt a Tree

The beautiful Samosir Island on Lake Toba in the Northern region of Sumatra, Indonesia, was once covered with lush jungle, but has been heavily deforested in the past. Nowadays large areas of the Island’s hills are bare except for some grass, weeds and bushes. It is my dream to help nature recover by planting and nursing many different kinds of trees around Silimalombu village.
I can’t do this alone as it is simply too much work for one person and I don’t have the funds to employ someone for this purpose. That’s why I hope that people will want to help me by adopting a tree. For 50 euro’s I will plant a tree in your name and guarantee to care for it for 5 years, and replace it if something should happen to it in this period. After 5 years your tree should have grown enough to develop into adulthood without problems.
If enough people are willing to adopt a tree I will be able to get help planting and nursing trees, and your donation will support me in planting many more trees on the island than just the ones that you adopt!
I can keep you up to date about your tree and about further development in the project. I can also send you pictures of the tree’s growth. And once the tree is of fruit baring age you are always welcome to Silimalombu to taste it’s fruit or nuts!
Let me know if you have a preference as what kind of tree you would like to adopt!

I have setup a facebook page for this project. You will find it: There I will report about the adopted trees. You will find the reports there. For the payment I found an easy way for you with Paypal. You just can send me the money per Email to my Email address:
Contact me at:
Thank you!

Ratnauli Gultom