Partners that helped me with my projects

My husband,
He come from Germany, and help me a lot with all my activity. also He is good to make cake and bread and a lot of things

My Family
My whole big family is supporting all my affords. Without their constant help, nothing would be possible. They support land for planting trees and ecovillage, initiate contacts with first volunteer and provided accommodation for first volunteer.

My mum, brother and sisters
They support me with accommodation, salary of my employees and logistic of volunteers.

Local people
They support me with my projects.

Local government (Baden Lingkungan Hidup and Lembaga Pelaksana Konservasi)
They support me to provide tree plants for planting, organizing transport of plastic waste from the island and production of bio gas. Children from Silimalombu and Lontung We clean our neighborhood together.

Lea from Australia.
She helped me to develop the idea of ecovillage and to organize the first volunteers that join my farm. She stayed 4 months in 2009-2010.

Jenneke from Netherlands
She taught English in local school and educate children about ecology, hygiene and health. She joined for 4 months in 2009-2010.

Chris from Australia
Water quality specialist that run a project with local government in order to monitor the water quality in Lake Toba and educated children from many schools about water quality. He stayed 4 months in 2010.

Helen from Australia.
She taught children about garden planning, design and maintenance. She stayed 1 month in 2010.

Beat from Switzerland.
He helped me to prepare land to plant the trees. He also me to start my blog. He stayed one week in 2011 (13 - 20 Jan)

IPMB, Student Batak Association from Medan
They helped to plant 350 trees and clean the lake from the plastic rubbish. They stayed two days in 2011.

Miko from Poland
Together with IPMB he planted trees and helped to clean the lake and to design the blog. He stayed one week in 2011 (5 - 12 Feb) see ""

Andreas & Kristin, schkoelen & Diensledt, Germany
they helped to cleaning the net fishing, planting trees, cleaning around trees, building the stone wall and the fence to protect the garden for the buffalo, picking mangoes, etc. they stayed three weeks in 2011 (12 Feb - 3 March)

Martina, from Amsterdam, Holland.
She helped a little with the harvest of the mangos, cleaning the nets every day and cleaning the garden and forest every day, one day with Ratna went to walk up the mountain to see the village and help my uncle in there a little by cleaning the "coffee" garden and learn to made a little basket from water plants. she stayed between 28 Feb - 9 March 2011

Emmanuel, French
He helped to cleaning the rubbish from the lake and cleaning forest and also cleaning the net fishing (new trees)
he stayed between 5 - 9 March 2011

John, French
He helped to cleaning beach from the water plant, cleaning the net and cleaning the forest, etc
he stayed between 29 March - 6 April 2011

and until 2013 already  a lot of people from everywhere