Working Holidays and Volunteering

Students planting trees.
I would welcome people that have knowledge about gardens, forest or animals. I would also welcome people that are willing to learn about gardening and forest. I like people that are hard working and open minded. The working hours are flexible with usually 6 working days (Monday-Saturday). For sure there will be plenty of time to enjoy swimming and canoeing in Lake Toba.

But as a volunteer I welcome people who really want to contribute. If you come to volunteer with me, you do not really need money during your stay.  You can work in exchange for your food and accommodation.  But if you come and your only aim is to save money, then it will not work. We expect that you will join in with our daily activities which includes the work on our farm industries - harvesting fruit, putting together fishing nets, feeding the animals; as well as preparing meals, cleaning etc.  Village life is simple, sometimes hard, sometimes dirty but very rewarding and fun as well!  My house is not a hotel, it is a working farm.  So it is more rustic than you would find in the city, or maybe in your country.  Our animals (pigs, ducks, chickens) live close to the house so you will hear them and smell them!  But it is a great opportunity to really experience genuine village life.

We have the attitude that we work together to achieve things. We have a lot of ideas, and we like to host people, who also have ideas or like to work on problems, such as waste water treatment or building tree houses. Please talk to us about your ideas, we are interested in hearing about them, and often you can make your own project from them!  But we also have some things that have to get done to keep our farm going, so we need you to be willing to help with things when they are really needed. We wake up early in the morning with the sunrise before six and we work until it is getting dark. And even often in the evening, we prepare things for the next day or just enjoy the evening by drinking palmwine and sing with our family and friends.

We are happy for you to stay for a long time at our place. If you just want to have a holiday here it is ok. We will give you three meals a day plus coffee, tea, water and fruit. You just can join in with our activities when you feel like it and pay us 150.000 IDR a day.

This 150.000 IDR we charge everyone for the first days. Then we can talk about your or our aims and what to do, then we can start the Volunteering. Than you can stay for weeks, months......

A Day in the life at Silimalombu!
- an idea of what to expect and some of the jobs you will do:

Morning activities:
  • Wake up at 6.30am.
  • Feed the animals (ducks, chickens, pigs).
  • Check and collect the eggs around the farm (duck pen/lower chicken pen).
  • Sweep and mop the floor in the house and kitchen.
  • Sweep the area outside house.
  • Help make breakfast.
  • Wipe table before every meal.
Daily activities:
  • Check and take care of the electric fence (use machete).
  • Cut water plants and give to pigs around 12 noon.
  • Help make rubber and metal rings for fishing nets.
  • Help plant and take care of vegetables.
  • Collect water from spring.
  • Help clean fishing nets.
  • Help pick up litter in the community.
  • Help teach English in the local school.
  • Harvesting fruit when it is the right season.
  • Help with preparing and packing our products such as jams and soursop leaf tea.
Expectations of wwoofers:
  • Have curiosity in how things are done on the farm.
  • Work hard and enjoy what you do.
  • Take initiative - if something looks like it needs doing/cleaning, do it!
  • Offer to help with making meals.
  • Ask what needs to be done.
  • Put energy in what you do.
  • Work as a team with everyone here.
  • Be willing to get down and dirty.
  • Make sure you keep toilet clean after using it (flush with scoop).
  • No kissing/physical affection in public, wear a full swimming costume, not a bikini   (Indonesian villages are very modest in their customs)
  • Surprise yourself and the hosts.
What to Bring:
  • Work clothes - you will get dirty!
  • Mosquito repellant - they are not a big problem in the house, but in the garden / forest, there are many.
  • If you have any tools (ie. garden or carpentry/power tools) that you don't need or are happy to donate, we can always use them!